Vanessa Brady

Hi, my name is Vanessa Brady and I’m the sleep exhausted mother of two little monkeys boys. When I’m not running around the house, pretending to be a superhero, I like to make things and post about them on my blog, Tried & True.

I’m all over the board when it comes to crafty interests. If you absolutely had to categorize what types of projects I do it’d probably be a mixture of kids, home and holiday. But really? Doesn’t that cover pretty much 90% of crafting?! Let’s just say I’m an equal opportunity crafter. 😀

Before all my free time was sucked up by the vortex that is rearing children, I had an online accessory business called Gerbera Designs and started an forum dedicated to helping women in business, The Switchboards. I was passionate about both sewing and business but like so many other women, when my boys arrived, sitting at a sewing machine or computer for 8 hours at a time just wasn’t an option anymore. Now I get to funnel my creative energy toward T&T Original Tutorials and guest posts for many other blogs!

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