Metallic New Years Clutch

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I usually always use Fairfield’s interfacing to make my purses but decided to just use the thickness of Aluminor to save on time for this pattern. Feel free to add a layer of interfacing if you’d like to make yours even more stable!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Metallic Gold
Oly-fun Metallic Rose Gold
Aluminor Gold

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Sewing Machine
Sewing Supplies
Sew-In Snap

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  • Metallic-New-Years-Clutch-1

Step One

Use the pattern to cut all the pieces. Don’t forget the small snips 10″ up from the bottom (as seen in pattern). Also cut as many strips of coordinating metallic Oly-Fun to create the gathered embellishments on the front of the bag (mine were 1″ x 30″). I like how one simple stripe looked but you can add as many as you’d like!

  • Metallic-New-Years-Clutch-2

Step Two

Embellish the front of your clutch by gathering and folding the strip of metallic Oly-Fun as you sew down the middle. I stopped gathering when I reached the back to cut back on bulk but you can go all the way around if you’d like (just make sure to cut enough fabric.)

  • Metallic-New-Years-Clutch-3

Step Three

Fold bottom half of fabric front up 5″ and sew the edges to create a basic clutch shape (1/4″ seam, right sides of fabric facing.) Repeat with Alluminor lining.

  • Metallic-New-Years-Clutch-4

Step Four

With right sides of fabric facing each other, place the lining into the outer fabric shell and pin around the edges. It’s handy to line up the little slits you transferred from the pattern for a good alignment on the flap.

  • Metallic-New-Years-Clutch-5

Step Five

Sew around the flap and front of purse.

  • Metallic-New-Years-Clutch-8

Step Six

Use a seam ripper to create a small hole in the seam to flip the clutch right side out. Hand-stitch opening closed as well as a small sew-in snap.


And your beautiful new clutch is ready for a night out on the town! Happy New Years!