Easy Travel Case

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I’m of the opinion that it’s virtually impossible to have too many travel cases. Especially, when they’re this easy to make! Whether you use it to hold school supplies or make up, this super Easy Travel Case is totally worth the hour or two (depending on sewing experience) needed to make it!

What you need to make this project

Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing

Download Pattern

P&B Contours Fabric
Sewing Machine
Sewing Supplies
10" Zipper

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Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing 44.5″ Wide X 6 Yard Roll

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Step One

Use the free “Easy Travel Case” Pattern to cut out coordinating fabrics for the outside and a lining for the inside. Cut outside pieces from interfacing as well.

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Step Two

Iron interfacing to all three sides of outside fabric.

  • Easy-Travel-Case-3

Step Three

Sew the two upper outside flaps to the outer bottom of the bag. Press flat with iron and sew along seam.

  • Easy-Travel-Case-4

Step Four

Working one side at a time, sandwich the zipper in between the outer fabric and lining, making sure zipper teeth are facing downward. Sew in place. Repeat for the other side.

  • Easy-Travel-Case-5

Step Five

Fold ends right sides of matching fabric facing each other and sew along the edges up to zipper. Pinch corners and sew perpendicularly to create gusset at the base. Repeat with lining except leave a small opening to turn the entire bag right side out through. No worries if you forget the opening, that’s what seam rippers are for!

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Step Six

Stitch lining opening shut and press seams to give your Easy Travel Case a nice finished look!