Oly-fun No-Sew Card Holder

Category: Kid Friendly

Whether because of age or ability, holding a bunch of cards in your hand can be difficult sometimes! Here’s a super easy tutorial for making an Oly-fun No-Sew Card Holder with just a few supplies.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Sheets - Sky Blue
Oly-Fun Craft Sheets - Blueberry
Oly-Fun Craft Sheets - Jelly
Recycled Cereal Box
Dritz Babyville Boutique Snaps and Pliers

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  • Playing-Card-Holder-2

Step One

Trim one side of your recycled cardboard cereal box. Mine was approximately 9″ x 11″. Fold the cardboard sheet to create the creases you’ll use to make the triangular shape. Don’t forget in include a thinner fold for the snaps!

  • Playing-Card-Holder-3

Step Two

Cut a piece of Oly-Fun to fit the cardboard with just a bit of overlap to fold and glue in place.

  • Playing-Card-Holder-5

Step Three

Trim another, slightly smaller sheet of matching Oly-Fun and glue in place on back of cardboard sheet. Allow to dry completely.

  • Playing-Card-Holder-6

Step Four

Cut two thin strips of coordinating Oly-Fun, apply glue around the three outer edges, and glue in place in the center of panel. Allow to dry completely.

  • Playing-Card-Holder-9

Step Five

Use the Dritz Babyville Boutique Pliers to attach snaps to the corners.

  • Playing-Card-Holder-8

Step Six

All that’s left to do is pull out your favorite playing cards, grab your family, and have a wonderful game night, made easier with this Oly-Fun No-Sew Card Holder!