Easy Halloween Banner

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Need a quick Halloween Banner to decorate your door or mantel? You’ve come to the right spot!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Pack Jet Black
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Jelly
Digital Cutting Machine
Spray Adhesive

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Step One

First things first, you’re going to download the free Easy Halloween Banner Silhouette Studio file. I used the factory settings for fabric and included a double cut. Make sure your mat is fairly new to prevent any accidental shifting during cutting. Even then I usually tape down the edges just to be safe!

  • Easy-Halloween-Banner-2

Step Two

Once cut and weeded, apply an even coat of spray adhesive to the back of each flag and press firmly to Jet Black Oly-Fun. Trim around the edges.

  • Easy-Halloween-Banner-3

Step Three

Use a sharp craft knife to cut two slits in each flag large enough to fit ribbon.

  • Easy-Halloween-Banner-7

Step Four

String flags onto ribbon and hang in place for all the adorable witches and goblins to see!

Making this Halloween Banner couldn’t be easier, right? Hope you enjoy the free pattern and tutorial!