Oly-Fun Earth Playmat

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Oly-Fun makes this cute Earth Playmat super easy to put together and sturdy enough to handle your kids’ rigorous play!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun 10 Yard Bold Sky Blue
Oly-Fun 10 Yard Bolt Sea Green
Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing
Sewing Machine
Sewing Supplies
Dritz Sheer Press Cloth

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Oly-Fun® 10 Yard Bolt Sky Blue


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Oly-Fun® 10 Yard Bolt Sea Green


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Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 40 Yard Roll

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  • Oly-Fun Earth Playmat-1

Step One

Fold 30″ x 30″ square of Sky Blue Oly-Fun in quarters. Use a ruler to mark 14.5″ radius from edge to edge. Cut along curve to create a large circle.

  • Oly-Fun Earth Playmat-3

Step Two

Use the “Oly-Fun Earth Playmat” Silhouette file to cut out the continents. I used used the fabric setting but increased the blade length to “3” to cut all the way through the material. Use Oly-Fun continents to cut matching shapes from fusible webbing.

  • Oly-Fun Earth Playmat-4

Step Three

Use a iron set to a low-temp and Dritz sheer cover to iron the continents in place. Make sure to leave a 1″ border to fold under.

  • Oly-Fun Earth Playmat-5

Step Four

Cut small 1″ darts all the way around the edge. I didn’t measure exactly but they were spaced about 3″ apart.

  • Oly-Fun Earth Playmat-6

Step Five

Create playmat hem by folding the panels under and sewing with a 3/8″ double seam. Secure the continents by sewing around edge.

Oly-Fun Earth Playmat-12