St. Patrick's Day Lucky Pillow

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Nothing says “St. Patrick’s Day” quite like the combination of green and gold fabric! Here’s a quick and easy throw pillow you can make to celebrate just how lucky you are!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Metallic 10 Yard Bolt Gold
Home Elegance® Pillow 12″ X 16″

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Cuddle Suede Kiwi - Shannon Fabrics
Sewing Machine

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Home Elegance® Pillow 12″ x 16″


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Oly-Fun® Metallic 10 Yard Bolt Gold


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Step One

Gather your supplies. I love using Gold Oly-Fun for this project because it’s so easy to work with. The nice metallic sheen looks great with the softness of the Cuddle Suede from Shannon Fabrics!

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Step Two

Cut two rectangles from the Cuddle Suede material measuring 13″ x 17″ and 13″ x 22.” Fold the longer piece in half and cut through the middle.

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Step Three

Use the free “Lucky” template to cut the word out of Oly-Fun with either a cutting machine or a sharp pair of scissors.

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Step Four

Secure Oly-Fun to the front of your largest panel with pins and begin to sew around the edges. Depending on your skill level, this might take some patience!

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Step Five

Continue sewing around the “Lucky” edges until entire word is securely sewed to front panel. Hem the ends of the smaller panels by turning 1/4″ under twice and sewing along the edge.

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Step Six

Place the two smaller flaps overlapping on the largest panel (right sides facing). Pin around the edge and sew 1/2″ seam around entire pillow cover. Trim the corners and turn right side out.

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Step Seven

Place pillow into cover, position on a couch or chair, and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!