Santa Claus Throw Blanket

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This super easy Santa Claus Throw Blanket is fun to make for yourself or as a gift!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Metallic Silver
Rose Cuddle® Red - Shannon Fabrics
Rose Cuddle® Black - Shannon Fabrics
Faux Fur Curly Mongolian Ivory - Shannon Fabrics

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Step One

Before we start sewing, I wanted to mention that, of course, you can increase or decrease the amount of fabric depending on the size of blanket you want. My final throw measured 36″ x 60″ and isn’t a standard size but it works for us!

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Step Two

Cut two 7″ x 36″ strip of black cuddle fabric and faux fur each.

  • Chrsitmas-Santa-Throw-Blanket-4

Step Three

Fold red cuddle in half and cut to create two 36″ x 60″ panels. Now fold lengthwise and cut again to create two 36″ x 30″ panels. Sew the black panel into the middle section of both sides to create a “belt.” Sew the faux fur to the bottom of both.

  • Chrsitmas-Santa-Throw-Blanket-6

Step Four

With right sides facing each other and using a 3/4″ seam allowance, sew around the entire edge of blanket. Leave a 5″ opening to turn blanket right side out and hand stitch shut after completing this step.

  • Chrsitmas-Santa-Throw-Blanket-10

Step Five

Cut a 15″ x 13″ rectangle from the metallic Oly-Fun and fold in twice until it’s 1/4th the size. Place the Belt Buckle Pattern on the folded edges and cut along the inside path to create buckle shape. Pin in place at the center of the “belt” and sew to secure.

  • Chrsitmas-Santa-Throw-Blanket-13

Step Six

All that’s left to do is put out your new Santa Claus Throw Blanket and enjoy your holiday season!