Ric Rack Skull Halloween Pillow

Categories: Pillow, Halloween

Super easy way to make a decorative halloween pillow that can be customized to match any existing decor or color scheme!

What you need to make this project

Home Elegance Pillow 20" x 20"
Black Fleece
Skull Felt Cutout
Assorted Colors Ric Rac

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Home Elegance® Pillow 20″ x 20″


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Step One

Gather supplies. I love the Home Elegance pillows from Poly-fil! I found these skull cut outs at the dollar store. There are also a few other shapes so you could easily make coordinating pillows!

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Step Two

Cut appropriately sized fleece panels for your pillow size. I wanted to be able to remove my pillow form after Halloween was done so I cut 3 panels: one 20″ x 20″ and two 20″ x 17″. Pin and sew ric rac to the front of the larger panel.

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Step Three

Pin the felt skull cutout in place and sew around the edges to secure.

  • halloween-skull-ricrac-pillow-4

Step Four

Pin the sides together and sew.

  • halloween-skull-ricrac-pillow-7

Step Five

Turn your pillow cover right side out and insert the pillow form!