Team Christmas

I do this because of my best friend Rose. Rose lives just outside if NYC and the Connecticut boarder. She asked a few years ago for help. She has for years took donated money and clothes to give to families in need during the Christmas season. All the children ask for is clothes and basic necessities. I see and wanted to help. All children should have something special at Christmas. So I buy remnants of material and make dolls and animals. I have been a stay at home home mom for 10 years to my wonderful, special needs son. My son graduated from high school in 2015. I’m going on my third year of helping. My friend Rose us a great person who gives of herself to so many. She started calling us Team Christmas. Many people donate money and clothes to help. We all do this for the smiles we get. It is priceless. Every year we strive to help more people. For my part I buy what I can when I have the money. I see when I can and mail boxes to Rose from where I live here in Arizona.

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