Threads of Mercy, Inc.

“Our group began about 4 years ago. Our goals are to serve people around the world through sewing, quilting, education, and awareness. We have a sewing group known as “Sewing Sisters of Grace” who meet at least once a month to sew. We make blankets for the refugees in Jordan. We make quilts/walker caddies/wheelchair totes for veterans and seniors, we make wheelchair quilts for nursing homes, we make softies toys for children in crisis, we make chemo comfort pillows and breast cancer comfort pillows, we make blankets/quilts and clothing for missionaries in other countries, we make tiny pillows to hand out to the homeless and we also make “medical dolls” that are used in children’s hospitals to help comfort and educate children going through chemo or other medical procedures.” explained Susan Clark.


One thought on “Threads of Mercy, Inc.”

  1. Jeanne Gumm says:

    This is a wonderful thing that you do. Where are you located and do you take donations of material, thread, lace, etc?
    Also do you allow new members? Depending on where your are located I might be interested.

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