The Sowwy Foundation

The Sowwy Foundation was started in January, 2017, as a way to directly address the suffering of those who suffer from homelessness and addiction, through providing essentials such as warm clothing and blankets, as well as information on where to go to seek help and shelter. The Sowwy Foundation was inspired by and created after the tragic death of Dajen Earl Edwards, who was the son of Jennifer Carmichael, the Sowwy Foundation’s creator and president. “Our organization is new, but so far over 100 hats have been made and distributed through homeless shelters, and around 30 sleeping mats have been made that are hand woven from recycled grocery bags and lined with fleece, as well as 40 pillows that will be given out with the sleeping mats, along with blankets, mittens, and socks. We do this to provide comfort to those who are suffering from homelessness and addiction as well as to inspire them to embrace recovery. Addiction and homelessness affects the whole community, and any help to those in need helps everyone.” explained Jennifer Carmichael.

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  1. Peg says:

    I am wondering if your blankets, hats etc. are distributed locally or sent to cities and towns where there is a large homeless population

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