Sarah Propps

“Off and on for 5 years, I have used my summer breaks from teaching school to make items to donate. For the past several years I have concentrated my efforts to helping sick children. My goal is to bring comfort and cheer to their lives. I donate my items to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The recipients of my fabric gifts are the patients and families at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. I am not allowed to hand deliver the quilts and other items due to patient confidentiality laws, but I hope the kiddos know someone is praying and thinking about them as they battle whatever sickness they have. I decided to combine my love for children and my love of fabric to help those in poor health. One of my good friend’s daughter had to spend a couple of weeks in Arkansas Children’s Hospital several years ago, and I knew I needed to do something to brighten these patients’ stay. I carefully pick out and coordinate fabrics for my projects with the objective of being cheerful and positive.” explained Sarah Propps

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