Quilters United

Cathy Case explained “I started this group in 2012 with 2 other people and it has grown to 30-40 active volunteers. Everyone loves creating smiles for children. We donate to 4 places on a regular monthly basis, and 4 to 5 places as their need requires. At Christmas time we make around 550 stockings for kids, in addition to the quilts we make monthly. We put together quilting kits, It has everything in it with the exception of batting and thread to make a quilt. These are free to all the volunteer’s who would like to make quilts and work on them at home. Quilts, Christmas stockings, pillowcases, and wheelchair & saddle bags, We plan to add in bibs and burp cloths this year. In 2016 we completed and donated 437 quilts. In 2015 we donated 332. The demand just continues to grow. We do this to bring comfort to people who are struggling with medical issues and discomfort in their lives.”

2 thoughts on “Quilters United”

  1. Wendy Davis says:

    I am part of this group and they are an outstanding group of people. We have fun but at the end of the day, it is about making happiness for those who have needs. Thank you for putting us on your site. We love what we do but it is nice for others to see our story. God bless Cathy Case for all her efforts. If it was not for her, we would not have a story to tell.

    1. Robin Dann says:

      We are thankful for all of your hard work and appreciate your giving hearts.

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