Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice

Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice is based out of Toledo, Ohio. They provide assistance to older people and hospice patients.

Lura Romei says she is just a home sewer who makes memory bears out of the clothing of people who have passed away. These bears are then given back to the families. She has made well over a hundred memory bears, she makes 50 or 60 a year.

“There’s so little one can do when a person passes away, but this is something I CAN do. It’s so sweet to hear someone say, “Oh, that was Dad’s favorite shirt.” I made one for the grandson of a Vietnam veteran out of his grandpa’s veteran vest, and the bear ended up being a superhero who wears a cape with the embroidered vest as the body of the cape. And the ties on the cape just happened to be long enough that they would fit onto a pair of four-year-old shoulders…what a coincidence.” shared Lura

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