Butter Beds

Soniya Davis told us “I started Butter Beds in May of 2017.  I asked my best friend who is a consultant, what she does with her damaged items and she stated that they simply sit in a pile in her basement after she’s damaged them out with the company.
One day I thought to myself that there must be something I can do with all of that material she has that just sits untouched and then hatched up Butter Beds, pet beds made of buttery soft leggings. The pet beds are made of damaged material, thread and Poly-fil. Such simple items but I know they’ll make such an impact on these lonely and sad pets that are stuck waiting for their forever homes in a shelter/rescue. I have material for 45 pet beds that will be donated to or shelters and rescues through out Indianapolis and Cincinnati. I’ve been following a few rescues and shelters myself lately in hopes of finding a forever friend for our family and while I wish I could adopt them all, I thought this would be a way to comfort these precious animals in such a sad, lonely and scary time for them.”

10 thoughts on “Butter Beds”

  1. Jordy Rittmer says:

    I could not love more what Sony’s beautiful heart and skill is doing for animals in need of comfort as they wait for their fur-ever home. To repurpose damaged buttery soft leggings into gorgeous and comfy useful beds by the use of three items is brilliant! What an extremely thoughtful act that I fully love! It’s no longer sad when my LuLaRoe leggings become unwearable, donating them to Butter Beds gives my heart all the happiness that soon a precious animal will receive comfort from them in return! Bless you, Sony, and your thoughtful heart!

  2. Jaisingh Chauhan says:

    Soniya, Certainly you are helping our helpless friends who bring joy to our life, they do not need butter in their life but your Butter cushion bed will feel them LOVED!

  3. Jessica Leachman says:

    When you see you cat obsessed, LulaRue wearing friend combining her two loves for an amazing cause. I am so proud of you and I hope you win this grant. Way to think outside the box and take damaged goods and turn them into beds for shelter cats. Your heart is made of gold.

  4. Lauren Hart says:

    What Soniya is doing with these otherwise unused items is awesome! As a consultant I’m happy to save all of my damaged items for her!

  5. Erika Wise says:

    My best friend Sony has the kindest heart I have ever met. She has worked so hard the past couple months to put out these beds to the shelters for nothing more than the pure joy of helping an innocent animal. It makes her heart, and mine, so happy to see them snuggled up in these amazing little beds. I am so proud to know Sony, and to spread the word of Butter Beds

  6. Ashley Durko says:

    I’ve only known Soniya a short time, but working with her these past few months I have learned that she is one of the most selfless, caring people I’ve met. When she told me about her idea for Butter Beds, I was not surprised to hear she came up with such a clever and loving idea to help these animals in need. She’s a wonderful mom, a reliable co-worker, a devoted friend, and does everything in her power to help those around her. She is well deserving of this grant, and it will be put to very good use for these little furry friends (:

  7. Brittany Ratcliff says:

    What an amazing and creative way to contribute to the good in the world! That is Sony’s way. Your big heart is admirable! God bless you!

  8. Kari says:

    I haven’t known Sony long. What she is doing to help the pets at local shelters, shows her amazing heart and compassion for others. I love her kind spirit and loving heart. The world needs more ” Sony’s “.

  9. Erin says:

    It makes my heart happy to see what Sony has done for these animals in need. Taking items that are damaged and turning them into a comfy bed for a shelter pet makes me so happy. Sony is the sweetest, most caring person I know and I love watching her turn this idea into a reality!!

  10. Chelsea says:

    Soniya is one of the most determined and compassionate women I know. Butter beds will give these shelter animals a soft and enjoyable place in an otherwise confusing time for these poor animals. Plus I know how soft that lularoe material can be so it is definitely the Cadillac of beds to give to animals in need.

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