Back to College Projects You Can Make

back to college projects

Whether your first semester of college is approaching or whether it’s your last, these creative projects will help you get ready! From organization to decor to self pampering, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite back to college projects that you can make before you head to school this fall.

galaxy lap desk DIY

Galaxy Lap Desk

Hit the books anywhere with this stylish, comfortable and portable lap desk! I used tinted resin to create the surface finish, but you could also paint it, stain, or Mod Podge fabric on top. The base lays comfortably on your lap thanks to ultra plush Poly-Fil Fiber Fill.

crochet lap desk

Crocheted Lap Desk DIY

If you love to crochet, this easy to follow tutorial teaches you how to crochet the base for the lap desk instead of sewing one. Again, Poly-Fil is at the heart of this project to make your lap desk light weight and cozy. You can paint or decorate the surface with your school colors, favorite band, and more!

lap top sleeve back to college

DIY Laptop Sleeve

This easy to make laptop sleeve  will protect your laptop as you tote it inside your bag or backpack. This project uses Shield moisture barrier and Support Foam Stabilizer to protect your device from the minor bumps and moisture it may encounter in normal use and transport around campus. The best part of making it yourself is that you get to choose a fabric that is uniquely you!

padded laptop case

Padded Laptop Case

This project is so quick and easy that you could whip one up for yourself and then make another for a friend or sorority mate! Smooth lightweight Fusible Fleece cradles and protects your laptop without making the case bulky or heavy. This tutorial includes tips for how to adjust the pattern to fit larger or smaller laptops.

travel case back to college

Easy Travel Case

Zipper travel cases are perfect for back to college projects because they can be used in so many ways! Use them to hold school supplies, makeup, index cards, and so much more! Pair the free pattern with your favorite fabric to make a few for yourself. Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing help give these travel cases some structure while protecting what’s inside.

bean bag phone stand

Bean Bag Phone Stand

This cute little bean bag chair is for your phone! Prop up your phone nearby as you study, relax, or watch videos. You only need a craft pack sized amount of filler to make this project. Poly-Pellets give this phone stand weight and structure to support the phone, and Poly-Fil Fiber Fill adds just the right amount of cushioning needed for this back to college project.

college dorm cube

College Dorm Cube

This furry dorm cube is an eye catching and useful addition to any space! The uses are limitless: lean against it in bed while studying, use it as additional seating when friends drop by, use it as a table while gaming, etc. It’s filled with bean bag filler, which is washable so you can easily clean it up as needed. The cube shape makes this DIY a lot more versatile that a bean bag chair.

door organizer back to college

College Door Organizer

Make sure you have what you need when you need it with this DIY! You can customize your door organizer with your name or college logo. Keys, cards, notebooks, art supplies, and more can all fit in this. Since you are making it yourself you can adjust the sizes of the pockets to make sure everything you need fits inside. Stiffen Double Sided Fusible Interfacing ensures that this back to college project won’t buckle under the weight of your supplies.

carryall tote

Carryall Tote

This carryall tote is another project that will help you stay organized when you head back on campus. The multiple pockets will help you keep everything you need separated and organized, so you know where to find it. You can adjust the size of the bag to use it for different needs. For example, make it larger and it becomes the perfect laundry tote, ready to hold both your washables and detergents. A smaller size would be great for the locker room and showering. There are so many ways to use this versatile tote!

These back to college projects will make it easier for you to start the semester organized and prepared for almost anything. All that’s left for you to do now is decide which one to make first!

back to college DIYs

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