Bean Bag iPod/iPhone Stand

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ipod beanbag

Make fun little bean bag “chairs” that will prop your iPod or other device up for you!

What you need to make this project

Poly Pellets
Cuddle Fabric

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Step one: Cut a piece of Cuddle fabric so it is 5 inches wide and 14 inches long.

Step two: Fold the fabric in half with the wrong sides out. Pin and sew the two sides closed. Turn the fabric right side out.



Step three: Add Poly Pellets to fill the bottom inch of the pouch. It is approximately 1/4 cup of bean bag pellets, but you can add more or less to make the base firmer or softer, as desired.  Pin across the pouch and sew the two sides together, to create the base for the bean bag device stand.




Step four: Add approximately one cup of Poly Pellets to the bag, then add a small amount of Poly-Fil to fill the rest of the bag.


Step five: Bring the sewn edges of the bag together. Turn the sides in and pin them together to seal the bag. Sew the sides together to seal the bag.

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