Crafting Change: Fairfield World’s “We Make for Good” Program

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One of the best parts of being with the Fairfield World team is reading heartwarming stories of the many creatives who make for good! In a world where creativity meets compassion, Fairfield World’s “We Make for Good” program stands as a shining example of how crafting can make a meaningful impact. Founded on the principle of utilizing creativity for the greater good, this initiative helps artisans, crafters, and volunteers create positive change in communities across the United States.

lutheran quilters we make for good

Lutheran Quilter’s Crafting Change

Crafting Change

Fairfield World, well loved for Poly-Fil and other high quality products for makers, recognized the potential of leveraging our resources to contribute to social causes. The “We Make for Good” program aims to assist individuals who use their crafting skills to benefit those in need. Through partnerships with various charitable organizations, Fairfield World provides support by donating materials to help facilitate community projects. Whether it’s making blankets for those in need, crafting toys for children in hospitals, or creating quilts for chemo patients, the program aims to address diverse societal challenges through the art of crafting.

Hominy Creek Comfort Makers we make for good

Hominy Creek Comfort Makers

Empowering Creativity

At the heart of “We Make for Good” is the belief that creativity knows no bounds. The program fosters a sense of empowerment among participants, inspiring them to channel their artistic talents towards meaningful and impactful projects. By providing a platform where individuals can contribute their time and skills, Fairfield World encourages a sense of purpose and fulfillment through crafting. The program welcomes crafters of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. We want to help you foster a sense of community where people come together, united by their passion for crafting and their desire to make a positive difference.

we make for good recipient

Crestwood Baptist Church (Prayers & Squares Cancer Prayer Quilt Ministry)

Impact and Success Stories

The impact of the “We Make for Good” program reverberates across various communities. Through countless acts of kindness and creativity, participants have touched the lives of many. Here are a few success stories from those crafting change in their communities:

crafting change

Association of the Ladies of Charity

Association of the Ladies of Charity

This sewing ministry crafts beautiful port pillows and heart shaped mastectomy pillows to help ease the discomfort of chemotherapy and cancer treatment. The group has already donated over 350 items in just the first year of their cancer ministry! Their compassionate acts bring glimmers of joy to those facing stressful medical treatments.

The Jasper Fox Project

The Jasper Fox Project

The Jasper Fox Project

This project serves families who have experienced stillbirth, miscarriage, and infant loss. The volunteers lovingly sew animal foxes and weight them to match the exact birth weight of a child that has passed away. Each fox is unique and custom made to meet the needs of the grieving parents, with the hope that it will provide some comfort as it fills empty arms.

Suncoast Hospice of Hillsborough crafting change

Suncoast Hospice of Hillsborough

Suncoast Hospice of Hillsborough

The volunteers with this program aim to help patients and families during one of the most difficult journeys in life. The group creates memory bears, pillows, and quilts made with clothing provided by families. These items provide comfort and joy to both the makers and recipients!

Lucy's Stitched Hugs crafting change

Lucy’s Stitched Hugs

Lucy’s Stitched Hugs

Lucy is a big hearted teen who knows first hand how scary hospitals can be, so she makes quilts and stuffies to help make medical treatments less intimidating! She has donated over 3000 items in the past seven years. She works on her projects every week to donate to local organizations.

Anita Baxley crafting change

Anita Baxley’s Toys for Children

Anita Baxley’s Toys for Children

Anita is a grandmother who felt called to assist children experiencing abuse. She hand crafts dolls and stuffed animals to donate to her local Child Abuse Network office. Every child who passes through the doors of that organization receives a stuffed animal and blanket, bringing them a spot of joy during a scary time.

Looking Ahead

As Fairfield World’s “We Make for Good” program continues to grow, its impact continues to expand. The future holds the promise of more partnerships, more crafting events, and, most importantly, more positive change. To become a part of this movement, share a good story with us and apply for one of the 100 product grants available! We would be honored to help you weave threads of kindness, warmth, and hope into the fabric of our communities. As we continue to witness the transformative power of crafting for a cause, let us be inspired to pick up our tools, unleash our creativity, and contribute to making the world a better place—one stitch, one creation at a time.

We make for Good Fairfield World

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