College Dorm Cube

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Go Team! Go UCONN Huskies! This college dorm cube is so versatile that everyone is going to want one, not just college students. This cube is flexible enough to be propped up in bed for all those long hours of reading, and it can spring as an impromptu seat when friends come to visit the dorm room. Need something to sit on while gaming, just pull it up, or maybe use it as a table for your soda next to your favorite chair. The uses are limitless. Customize it to reflect your school’s mascot. Use faux-fur like this husky material from Shannon Fabrics, or maybe use printed fleece with your school’s logo. Any sturdy material will work with this project. The finished size of this project measures 14 inches cubed, but you can make it any size you desire by adjusting the measurements. This project is perfect for the entire family as they gather together in the family room or lounge in a bedroom.

What you need to make this project

1 bag Poly-Fil® Bean Bag Filler 2 ½ Pound Bag
1 Yard Faux-Fur or fleece
Coordinating polyester thread
Coordinating upholstery thread
Sewing machine and related supplies
Curved upholstery needle is very helpful
Wonder Clips® are preferred, but pins are acceptable
Point turner or some other blunt but pointed object
Rotary cutter, ruler, and self-healing mat, are preferred, but not necessary
Vacuum, helpful for clean up if using faux-fur
Optional: PVC pipe about 18” long by 5” wide

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Step One


  1. This project uses ½” seam allowance.
  2. FOR ALL SEAMS do not sew to the end of the fabric. Start and stop sewing at ½” from the edge of the fabric.

Please read the informative instructions on the Poly-Fil® Bean Bag Filler.

Poly Fil Instructions

Poly Fil Instructions

ADDITIONAL NOTE: this project does not use a bladder. If one is desired, please sew that at this time (same instructions as the cube below, but use a fabric such as muslin and then insert it into the fur cube).

Read the instructions below on how to complete this project.

Step Two

Gather supplies. Open the faux-fur piece of fabric and brush all the fur in one direction.

Faux Fur for College Dorm Cube

Faux Fur for College Dorm Cube

Using a rotary cutter, cut six (6) square pieces of fur that measure 15” by 15”. Place fur in the dryer for about 5 minutes to remove excess fur. Please remember to clean the lint filter afterwards. If fur clings to the dryer after it is removed, use a damp towel in the dryer for 5-10 minutes. While the fabric is tossing in the dryer, vacuum the sewing area to pick up any excess fur.

Step Three

Place fabric squares in a line with the fur nap going in the same direction. Clip two fabric squares with right sides together with the Wonder Clips®. When clipping, tuck the fur away from the seam and seam allowance. Place your fingers inside each gap to make sure that the fur is away from the seam.

Use Wonder Clips with Faux Fur

Use Wonder Clips with Faux Fur

Using a ½” seam allowance and a short straight stitch, sew two squares together on one side only.

FOR ALL SEAMS do not sew to the end of the fabric. Start and stop sewing at ½” from the edge of the fabric.

Stop Cube Seam 1/2" from edge

Stop Cube Seam 1/2″ from edge

Sew three more squares side-by-side making sure that the fur is in the same direction for all four pieces. It is recommended to sew them with the fur in the down direction and the squares running across in a line. The first square is on the left and the last square is to the right and the fourth square.

Step Four

Following the same procedure as in STEP THREE for the nap, sew one square to the top of the third square and a square to the bottom of the third square, making sure that the nap is going in the same direction as the other squares. This will now form a T-shape.

T-shaped Faux Fur Cube

T-shaped Faux Fur Cube

Step Five

Following the same procedure as in STEP THREE for the nap, sew the sides of the cube starting with the top square. Do not sew the top flap at this point. Sew the right top part of the “T” to the right side of the last or fourth square, and then sew the left side in the same manner. Continue sewing the sides until a cube is formed and the flap is left on top.

Step Six

Following the same procedure as in STEP THREE for the nap, sew the flap to the cube by sewing each side first. The very last seam is the closure of the flap on the cube. Measure about 8’ in the center for the opening. Mark this with the clips. Starting at each clip, sew to the corresponding corner of the cube.

Step Seven

Check to make sure all the corners are securely sewn together. Clip any excess threads and the corners. Turn the fabric right side out and push the corners out with a point turner. Examine the seams and pull out any long fur that may be tucked into the seam.

Turn Faux Fur Cube Right Side Out

Turn Faux Fur Cube Right Side Out

Step Eight

Position the cube on a table or the floor with the opening facing the top. Place the PVC pipe inside the opening and pull the fabric up around the pipe. Pour the Poly-Fil® Bean Bag Filler into the pipe.

Use a PVC Pipe to Fill a Cube

Use a PVC Pipe to Fill a Cube

Lift the pipe so that the beans distribute throughout the pipe. If you are filling the bag by yourself, keep filling the pipe and distributing it until it is completely filled. If someone is helping, hold the pipe and move it as the bag fills until it is completely filled. Clip the opening closed with Wonder Clips®.

Step Nine

Using the curved upholstery needle and thread, sew the opening closed with a very small whipstitch that is pulled tightly to close the opening.

Upholstery Needle and Upholstery Thread for Closing the Opening

Upholstery Needle and Upholstery Thread for Closing the Opening

The fabric edge does not need to be turned in as it does not fray, but adjust the closure to match the seam width. Shake your cube to rearrange the fur and enjoy.


Fairfield World College Dorm Cube

College Dorm Cube

Let the fun begin!