Beyond Valentines: Embracing American Heart Month

Beyond Valentines: Embracing American Heart Month

February brings a special emphasis on matters of the heart that extend beyond Valentine’s Day. American Heart Month, observed throughout this month, serves as a dedicated period to shine a spotlight on the critical importance of cardiovascular health. The purpose of this month-long awareness campaign is to educate people about heart health and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle choices to prevent heart disease. 

American Heart Month

During American Heart Month, various organizations, including the American Heart Association (AHA), work together to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases, their risk factors, and ways to maintain a healthy heart. Heart disease remains a leading cause of death in the United States, making American Heart Month an important time to focus on prevention and promote overall cardiovascular health.

Beyond Valentines: Embracing American Heart Month

We at Fairfield World love that our products are at the heart of your projects, and want to use this opportunity to remind you to take care of your physical heart as well! Please visit the American Heart Association to learn more about ways to stay heart healthy, and if you’re feeling generous your donations to the AHA will be doubled this month!

To help embrace American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day, why not make some fun heart themed projects? Here are a few fun ideas that we think you will love to try!

Heart Pillow DIYs

heart pillow DIYs

Pillows are a quick and easy way to decorate for any holiday, and hearts are a fun and easy shape to make! Fairfield World Pillow Inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can always find exactly what you need for your project.

Heart Plush Projects

heart plush DIYS

Whether you crochet or sew, plush hearts are fun to make and to gift! Grab your Poly-Fil Fiber Fill and give one of these adorable plush projects a try!

Love-ly Projects Made with Oly-Fun

oly-fun valentine projects

Oly-Fun Fabric is a versatile textile that is perfect for lots of projects. You can use it with die cuts or cutting machines; you can sew or glue it; and you can even paint on it or draw on it with markers! It works well in all kinds of crafts, ranging from wreaths to home decor. Metallic Oly-Fun is available in the perfect colors for heart and Valentine crafts: red, silver, gold, and rose gold!

Every February American Heart Month serves as an important reminder that our hearts deserve more than just a fleeting celebration on Valentine’s Day! The dedicated efforts of the American Heart Association and others aim to highlight and raise awareness of the importance of cardiovascular health and the impact of heart disease on individuals and communities. As we navigate the information and resources provided during this month-long initiative, we can carry the torch of awareness forward with our heart inspired crafts.

Beyond Valentines: Embracing American Heart Month

Beyond February, let our commitment to heart health persist! Fostering a culture of well-being through mindful lifestyle choices, regular exercise, and routine check-ups will help keep your heart healthy. By continuing to prioritize our cardiovascular health, we not only invest in our own longevity but contribute to the broader mission of reducing the prevalence of heart disease. Let American Heart Month be a catalyst for lasting change, prompting us to make choices that speak to the well-being of our hearts throughout the entire year. After all, a healthy heart is a gift that keeps on giving—a precious investment in a longer, more vibrant life filled with lots and lots of crafts and DIYs!

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