Northern Maine Medical Center Guild

The Northern Maine Medical Center Guild is a charitable group of community members who volunteer their time to support the work of NMMC and its affiliates. The focus of their fundraising efforts is to benefit the patients served by the organization by way of purchasing needed equipment and supplies in-line with the hospital’s mission to support high quality patient care. Each year, through its numerous fundraising efforts, the NMMC Guild dedicates it’s time to raising thousands of dollars for priorities presented to them by the clinical and administrative personnel of NMMC.

The members of the hospital Guild have been making soft stuffed pillows in the shape of angels and hearts. They also recently started making a soft padded cushion that attaches to a seat belt to provide comfort for patients who have a Porta-cath. Seat belts often cause irritation in this area and the belt padding provides a small comfort for oncology patients who shouldn’t have to deal with any additional discomfort.

Their mission is to give back to the community. The pillows bring smiles and comfort to people in our surrounding area in times that they are facing life changing and at times fatal, health challenges. Each patient is given a pillow as part of a survival kit. The pillow can be used as something to hug or something to punch in times of anger and despair. Many of these people are our families, friends and neighbors.

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