Joy Bear Ministry

On Monday morning at 10 o’clock a group of 12 or more women meet at the First United Methodist Church in Valliant to cut, sew, and stuff soft humble Joy Bears.

The Joy Bear Ministry began November 17, 2014. To date, over 2000 Joy Bears have been made and traveled all over the United States from Washington state to Florida and even internationally from Europe to the Philippines. The Joy Bears have found a home with children from Children’s Hospitals, Circle of Care, foster care agencies, civic and emergency personnel, Head Start Programs, Boy’s Academy, School counselors offices, and Doctors Offices and individuals experiencing life’s transitions, illnesses or grief.

David Carrell, Police Chief at Valliant, said “The Joy Bears are a bridge to comfort children during times of crisis or loss.” He and the Officers carry a Joy Bear with them in their squad cars everyday to give to child whenever needed. – Lois Bartley

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