Jeff's Place

Marsha Stein explained “Jeff’s Place is a community-based, family-focused program that provides FREE support groups and services to children and teens and their caregivers coping with the death of someone close. To me, making the memory Bears is something uniquely personal that incorporates something a child’s deceased loved one actually wore is a sacred mission. I embrace the opportunity to be able to do something that would bring a smile to a child’s face and at the same time allow the bereaved parent to know that someone–a stranger–cares about them and wants to help memorialize their loved one. I try to capture the essence of the loved one in the design of the bear. I want the child and the surviving parent to smile every time they see the Memory Bear. I try to incorporate some additional fabrics that depict the deceased’s special interests such as putting a stuffed fish into a pocket, or using musically themed fabric for the bear’s ears and I include the clothing items’ special logos somewhere in the bear’s design. No two bears are exactly the same and each child uses the Memory Bear in his/her own special way to remember the lost loved one. I typically have made up to a dozen 18″ bears per year, depending upon how many new families join Jeff’s Place. Poly-fil fiber fill makes the bears soft and huggable.”

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