Elly's Heart

“I have been creating hearts for over 25 years when living in Plano, Texas. A few years ago, I moved to Florida and do to unfortunate circumstances, I knew I had to get back into making these hearts. I donate them now to the Tampa General Heart Hospital. Each heart is used from the template of an original heart given to my husband over 25 years ago. So far this year I took the initial 50 pillows to the hospital. Another 40 pillows will be delivered in July. The love of the hospital, it is personal, but to see the smiles on someone face and them holding one of my pillows, that is all it takes.” said Linda Mahoney

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  1. tls.mahoney@verizon.net says:

    Elly’s Heart continues to grow from the love of my family. Both Kathleen Hollock and Mary McGinnis have donate lots of material. This material has been used to create over 100 more pillows. I live them and look forward to Delivering theses Pillows to the Hospital Tuesday 7/11.

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