Eat and Sew Group

Pat Cochran told us that they are a group of women who met through working for or being a customer at a local fabric store. There are 5-12 of them meeting to sew at any one time and they make whatever the need dictates.  They have crocheted, knitted and sewn hats, blankets, pencil bags, baby items, pillowcases, needs for the troops in the Middle East, and items for hospitals and chemo patients.

Their latest project was the U-shaped neck pillows for The James cancer center in Columbus Ohio. The staff said the pillows are the number one requested items by the patients. They make up to 1000 items, depending on needs and requests.

Pat shared “We love to give of our time. We have all been affected in some way by the needs of the people who benefit from the requests for items. We have daughters who teach in inner city schools where the students need backpacks and pencil bags. We all know someone who has had cancer whose life we try to make a little brighter with our gifts.”


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