Crochet by Charla

Charla Baker shared “Since I love to crochet I thought what could I do to help others while enjoying the craft. After much research I found an organization called Headhuggers. I opened a satellite group of just myself and started crocheting beanies for cancer patients and anyone who has any kind of head trauma. From there it started branching out to crocheting all kinds of hats and beanies. Then lap afghans and blankets cause we all know how cold it is in the doctors offices or hospitals. And then I found out about a group over in England that makes little octopuses for the neonatal units. These help the babies grab onto something other than the tubes that are many times attached to the babies. And then I thought how about using the little octopuses for toys for animals. I started out back in 2007 and have been crocheting ever since. Everything I make is given free of charge to patients and their families, and animal shelters.


God has given me a talent and I feel that it would be a waste to not use it to brighten some one’s day. It might be the one and only thing that will bring a smile to any face.”




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