Creatures Against Cancer

At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer. I had a 3,4 and six year old. I went through 35 grueling rounds of treatment. One day during treatment I found the cutest handmade stuffed animal in my purse. It was made with paper, cotton balls and held together with tape. It made me smile for the first time since I heard the word cancer as I knew that was my little ones creature. When I got home she asked if I got her stuffed creature she made for me. I said yes. She told me I always gave her a stuffed animal when she was sick so she wanted to make one for me. A little after my treatment ended my girls asked if they could make “real” stuffed animals for other moms, dads and kids who have cancer. This just filled my heart with so much love. They have with no sewing knowledge started to design, cut and see stuffed creatures with fabric, thread and stuffing. They delivered these to the hospital. This year they are learning that there are so many people fighting cancer in the community and have already hand made and delivered six stuffed creatures to different people at their school. The beauty of these amazing kids is that they spend a long time making these creatures and say a prayer for the person the creature is going to. The goal of these girls is to give comfort to cancer patients with these creatures. Anyone can go out and run to a store and buy a gift. It takes love to spend hours making one creature and praying for its recipient. – Lisa Hatfield

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