Care Pillows by Faye Haas

Faye has been making comfort pillows for the past 10 years. She has made over 6,000 pillows in that time. Faye created a design for 2 types of pillows. One pillow design was developed for breast cancer patients. to assist them with comfort after mastectomy, lymph node biopsy, and lumpectomy. This same pillow is made for children at abuse crisis centers for comfort in a new bed. The second pillow design is made for Hospice patients to assist with comforting their contracted hands when they are in advanced stages of terminal illness. These pillows are cherished by the patients for not only the comfort they provide during recovery but for the love that Faye puts into each pillow. Faye is a cancer survivor and a former nurse. She is very dedicated to improving the comfort of others during a difficult time of their lives. Faye lovingly creates color coordinated pillows to bring a small amount of joy into a difficult time.

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