Camp Big Sky

Camp Big Sky, located in Farmington, Il, provides outdoor and educational experiences for children and adults with disabilities. The disabilities include developmental, physical, cognitive, sensory and age appropriate.
In 1995 Guidi purchased 102 acres of coal mine land in Central Illinois.
In 2000, incorporated under Why Not Now.
In 2007 change name to Camp Big Sky.
In 2013 in collaboration with Bradley University, Dept of Teachers Education and Special Education Association of Peoria Count started Camp Big Sky Life Skills Education Program piloted with 1 high school
In 2014, had 64 students from 3 high schools. We piloted Adult Volunteer Trainee education, hosted 2062 visits by children and adults with disabilities and their family, friends, and caregivers from 27 counties in Central and West Central Illinois.
It is free to all that participates. Many volunteers donate time and talents through campers support, construction, maintenance and fund raising activities.
Some of the activities are life skill education, fishing, boating, arts and crafts, hayrack rides, cabin for overnight stay, swings, pavilion, trail way.

This year in the arts and craft section, we made around 500 hundred pillow from fleece fabric, cut and tied strips around the pillows. One type of pillow was printed fabric on one side and plain on the other side. The majority of the recipients are able to put poly filler in the pillows. We then put paint on bottom of cookie cutter. They are placed on the plain fabric at campers choice. The campers can free hand paint if they desire but most do not have the abilities to paint. For the school students we have one side plain color of school and the other side the second color of the school. The cookie cutters are sport related.

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