Easy Fabric Flowers with Oly-Fun™

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What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Sky Blue
Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Bubble Gum
Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Sea Green
Flat Pin Back
Glue Gun

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  • Easy Fabric Flowers - Oly*Fun

Step One

Select the colors of flowers you want. With 18 different Oly-Fun™ colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a color to match any occasion!

  • Easy Fabric Flowers - Fringe

Step Two

Cut a 1″ strip of Oly-Fun™ and trim the edge with a pair of pinking shears. Using the triangular pattern as a guide, cut the “petals” down to about a quarter of an inch from bottom.

  • Easy Fabric Flowers - Leaves

Step Three

Cut a leaf pattern out of the green Oly-Fun™ and glue in place on pin back.

  • Easy Fabric Flowers - Wrap

Step Four

Begin rolling up the Oly-Fun™ fringe until it’s about the size of the pin back. Remove or add extra Oly-Fun™ if necessary. Apply a good amount of hot glue to pin back and affix flower in place.

  • Easy Fabric Flowers - Push

Step Five

Create more of a flower shape by layering a thin layer of glue along the edge and pushing down the petals until they stay in place. Continue until you’re happy with your flower. Hope you enjoy these Easy Fabric Flowers!