DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag

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My Spring outdoor flag is inspired by the waves of our oceans and seas. With the warm weather, I wanted something bright and cheerful for my front porch. I chose colors that remind me of water, but you can choose any of the 18 Oly*Fun colors. You can also adjust the scale to fit your design needs and flag pole size (porch or garden). I made a basic design, to show how Oly*Fun can be used to create a flag. You can create a more complicated design if desired. Oly*Fun is a great fabric for decorative outdoor projects. Ripstop is traditionally used to make flags, but it’s fussy and frays easily. Oly*Fun doesn’t fray, is water resistant, cuts like paper, and is fade resistant, making it a better fabric for durable flags.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Blueberry
Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Sky Blue
Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Snow White
Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Sea Green
White Thread
Turquoise Thread
Sea Green Thread
Straight Pins
Tape Measure
Quilting Ruler
Big Scissors
Small Scissors
Flag Pole
Sewing Machine

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Step One

Using the quilting ruler and pencil, draw a 12″ wide by 45″ long rectangle on each Oly*Fun color. Use the large scissors to cut out the rectangles.

  • 03-01-2015 DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag 1

Step Two

Overlap the long edges 4 inches, and pin in place. They should be in the order Blue Berry, Sky Blue, Sea Green and Snow White.

  • 03-01-2015 DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag 2

Step Three

In your sewing machine, set the zig zag width to 3.5 and length to 0.5 or under. You might want to test the zig zag stitching and tension on your machine before sewing the project. On the overlapping pieces, zig zag stitch curving the line back and forth. Switch the thread colors, based on which piece on top of the overlap.

  • 03-01-2015 DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag 3

Step Four

Using the small scissors, carefully trim away the excess Oly*Fun along the zig zag stitching. You need to do this on the front and back.

  • 03-01-2015 DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag 5

Step Five

Along the remaining two long sides and bottom, do the same waving zig zag stitching. I had to drop my sewing machine tension to zero, for neat stitching. Use the small scissors to trim the excess Oly*Fun along the boarder stitching.

  • 03-01-2015 DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag 4

Step Six

Fold the top over 5 inches and pin in place. Repeat the wave stitching along the raw edge, to make the casing for the pole. Use the small scissors to cut away the excess Oly*Fun.

Step Seven

If the casing ends don’t meet up, from the previous wave stitching, you can redo the end of the wave stitching, so the end tapers to the casing seam.

Step Eight

Stitch a small rectangle of Oly*Fun, to the inside edge of one casing end. It should match the Oly*Fun color of that end. Cut a small hole in the center of the rectangle. This is the tab that will prevent your flag from sliding down the pole.

Step Nine

Slip The flag onto the flag pole. Clip flag tab onto the ball end of the flag pole.

The clipping piece for my flag pole, is broken, so I’ll need to figure out a different way to secure flags.

When you are done, your flag should look similar to mine.

03-01-2015 DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag FINAL