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This OlyFun banner is great for names or companies. I wanted a cheerful fabric banner for craft events. OlyFun is better than normal fabric for this, as it doesn’t fray and cuts like paper. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the fancy letters. However, if you don’t have a computerized cutting machine, a pencil and scissors work well too. Finished, my letters are about 7″x7″ each. You can scale this project down or up, depending on the space the banner will hang. You can use any colors you desire. I recommend white or black for the letters, and colorful OlyFun for the outline. I chose black for the hanging strip, to match the tablecloths I used at events. To make the banner more interesting, add accents with fabric paint, fabric markers, glitter, or flat back gems.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun Craft Pack in Snow White
OlyFun Craft Pack in Jet Black
OlyFun Craft Pack in Jelly
OlyFun Craft Pack in Orchid
OlyFun Craft Pack in Blueberry
OlyFun Craft Pack in Sky Blue
OlyFun Craft Pack in Sea Green
OlyFun Craft Pack in Clover
White thread
Black thread
Straight pins
Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Cameo fabric blade
Free motion embroidery foot
Sewing machine

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Step One

Cut 12″x12″ squares from the Snow White OlyFun Craft Pack. Alternatively, use Snow White OlyFun Craft Sheets.

Note: I needed 14 letters for my name. Each 12″x12″ square makes 4 letters, for a total of 4 squares needed. Calculate the amount of squares by the number of letters in the words.

  • OlyFun Name Banner 3

Step Two

In the Silhouette Studio software, choose a font and size one letter to fit in each 6″x6″ quarter. I used “SecesjaPL” font.

Step Three

Smooth the 12″x12″ OlyFun square onto the cutting mat. Set the fabric blade to 3 and add to Silhouette Cameo. Load cutting mat into machine. Send file to the machine and let it cut the letters. Unload cutting mat.

  • OlyFun Name Banner 1

Step Four

Peel OlyFun off the mat, setting the letters aside. If any of the letters aren’t completely cut out, use scissors to finish the cuts. Repeat these steps for all the letters. Sort the letters into the correct order.


Step Five

Pin one letter to an OlyFun piece about 1″ larger than the widest points of the letter. Repeat for each letter and OlyFun color.

Step Six

Add the free motion embroidery foot and white thread to your sewing machine. Stitch around the inner edge of each letter. Trim excess thread.


Step Seven

Cut colored OlyFun 1/2″ around the letter. Leave the centers and small details intact. This makes for more stable letters later.


Step Eight

Cut 1 3″x 2-3 yard strip of Jet Black OlyFun. Length depends on amount of letters. Longer is better. Fold in long edges of strip, overlapping them in the center. Pin in place, if desired. Using black thread, zigzag stitch down the strip, catching the overlapping edges together.


Step Nine

Lay your letters out and pin them along the black strip. I start from the middle and work out, for even spacing.


Step Ten

Using white thread, sew the letters to the black strip, following the previous stitching.

Step Eleven

(OPTIONAL) Use Tulip Fabric Markers to add designs on the white letters.

Step Twelve

Hang your banner however and wherever you would like. Mine is for an upcoming event, but I hung it on my wall temporarily, for this tutorial.