DIY Fabric Spikes with Oly*Fun

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These DIY Oly*Fun fabric spikes are great for costumes. You can make them in any size and color. They are less expensive than real spikes and are squishy, which makes them kids safe. Put them on the back of a hoodie for a dinosaur costume. Add them to a jacket, vest or skirt for a rocker look. If you make them extra-large, they can work as simplified Christmas trees. These can be sewn by hand or machine. If you are making them on a small-scale, sewing by hand will be best. If you are making multiples, you can create them in an assembly line, doing each step for all the spikes, vs having to repeat the whole tutorial for each spike. You can attach these to your costume using hot glue, fabric glue or hand stitching. If you don’t have an object large enough to trace for the spike size you want, use a compass or the pin, thread, and pencil method. You spike height will be slightly smaller than the radius of the circle (from the center to the edge). The width is controlled by how wide the pie shape is. A thinner pie shape will make a skinnier spike. A thicker pie shape will make a fatter spike. I used Oly*Fun, but you could use felt, or any other not fraying stiff fabric.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Slate
Poly-Fil Crafter's Choice Dry Packing Fiber Fill 10 ounce bag
Grey thread
A circle object or template
Hand Sewing Needle

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Step One

Sit your round object (in my case, a drinking glass) onto the edge of the Oly*Fun. Trace around it with a pencil.


Step Two

Cut out the circle.

Step Three

Cut a pie shape that is about 1/3 of the circle size. The photo shows a comparison of another circle before I cut it out, and a pie shaped piece cut from a circle of the same size.


Step Four

Fold the pie shape in half, lining up the edges. Thread your needle, match the ends of the thread and knot the ends together. Hand sew down the edge of the triangle and back up. Knot the thread onto the fabric and trim the excess.

Step Five

Cut the point of the triangle to make it easier to turn in the next step. Make sure not the cut the thread.


Step Six

Turn the cone right side out. Use the chop stick or fingernail file (I prefer the file) to poke the tip till it’s pointy.


Step Seven

Take a little bit of Poly-Fil and fill the cone.


Step Eight

Cut a square piece of Oly*Fun larger that the cone bottom’s circumference.


Step Nine

Hand stitch around the bottom of the cone, attaching it evenly to the fabric square. Knot off your thread and cut the excess.

Step Ten

Carefully trim off the excess fabric from the square, making sure not to cut the thread.


Step Eleven