Dorm Room Decor

Moving into your college dorm room is so exciting, and the best part…. You get to decorate it yourself. We all know space is always a challenge so here are some great DIY budget friendly ideas for extra seating when your friends come to study or just hang out.

DIY Pouf Ottoman

DIY Pouf Ottoman ~ Tutorial and Lessons Learned


DIY Floor pillow

DIY Floor Pillow


Easier Than Ever No-Sew Floor Pillows


BOHO Floor poufs


Boho Floor Poufs

Colorful Jumbo Floor Pillows


Starry Night Tuffets

Starry Night Tuffets


How to Make Floor Pillows


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  1. Cordell says:

    This is the dorm room decor is different style is dorm is looking great. thank you for share this blog

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