Starry Night Tuffets

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These beautiful Starry Night Tuffets are designed by Pattie Wilkinson with a new and exciting use for Purely Cotton Batting! These tuffets are easy to create, especially with the project ready Tuffet Kit.

Starry Night Tuffet

What you need to make this project

(2) Square Tuffet Kits
(1) Purely Cotton Quilt Batting
(1) Noire Cotton Quilt Batting
(4) Packages of Oly-Fun Craft Sheets
1/2 Yard Oly-Fun Craft Material
2 Yards - Black Cotton Twill Fabric
(2) Turquoise – Tulip® One-Step Dye
(2) Orange – Tulip® One-Step Dye
(2) Red – Tulip® One-Step Dye
(3) Disposable Bowls
Rotary Cutter/Mat
Straight Pins
12” x 12” Foam Board
Aleene’s® Clear Tacky Spray Adhesive
Glue Resistant Scissors
(2) Sets/4 Hairpin Legs
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

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Noire Cotton Blend 72″ x 90″


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Oly-Fun® Craft Sheets – Jet Black – 18 pieces


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Fairfield Square Tuffet Kit – Project Ready, Just Add Fabric


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Step One

Gather all of your materials and supplies to create the DIY Starry Night Tuffets. All materials and supplies described above are enough to create two Tuffets.

Supplies for Starry Night Tuffet

Step Two

Take the batting out of the package and cut it into thirds to dye the three different colors. Once the batting is cut then wet and saturate the batting in water, then squeeze out water. Place wet batting in a disposable bowl and cover with plastic in dye kit. Repeat for the other two pieces of battings.
Cut batting into three piecesWet batting

Step Three

Wearing gloves from the dye kit, mix water in dye bottles according to directions, and apply the dye to the batting in the tray. Work the dye into each of the battings until it is saturated, repeat with the other two battings. Cover the dyed batting in bowls with plastic and let it sit overnight for the color to completely set.

Apply the dyeCover the batting overnight

Step Four

Once your batting has set overnight, rinse the batting in running water until the water runs clear. Hang it outdoors to dry.

Rinse the batting

Step Five

Fold the dried, dyed batting so you can cut it. Cut the dyed batting into 3/8″ strips with a rotary cutter on a mat. Also, take the black Noir Batting and cut that into 3/8″ strips as well.
Fold the battingCut to 3/8"All colors cut

Step Six

Pin end of the black strip in the center of foam board. Spiral the strip around until completely spiraled, pinning in place as needed. Continue spiraling alternating colors around the spiral and pin in place as needed until the spiral is the desired size. Press batting with fingers to mold together, and carefully take out the pins.

Fully Spiral

Step Seven

In a well-ventilated area, spray glue onto the black Oly*Fun sheet. Carefully adhere the Oly*Fun sheet to the unpinned spiral. Press with fingers to make sure the spiral is fully glued. Once that is done, cut around the Oly*Fun sheet, with glue resistant scissors, to trim the excess material to make it fit the spiral.

Apply GlueAdhere To SpiralCut out spiral

Step Eight

Repeat steps 6 and 7 for additional spirals. Have fun with it, and make them different color combinations and different sizes to truly personalize your Starry Night Tuffet.

Make different sizes

Step Nine

Now gather all of the material to assemble the Tuffet Kit. Start by gluing the foam tuffet cushion to the wooden base with spray adhesive.

Glue the foam to woodAssemble the Tuffet

Step Ten

Tightly wrap the provided Cushion Wrap around the foam wooden base. Secure the Cushion Wrap by stapling it to the wood and cut off any excess. Trim the Cushion Wrap on the corners to have a finished flat look.

Cut and StapleMake sure it fits the corners

Step Eleven

Place the Black Cotton Twill Fabric over the cushion, cut to fit 3” from the edge and secure with staples. Pleat the corners of the Black Cotton Twill Fabric to fit as you staple it into place.

Staple Fabric To WoodPleat the corners

Step Twelve

Cut a 16″ x 16″ square of the gray Oly*Fun. Apply spray glue to Oly*Fun in a well-ventilated area and adhere it to the bottom of the Tuffet.

Apply Glue

Step Thirteen

Place the legs on the Tuffet, and then screw them into the base of the wood.

Screw legs to Tuffet

Step Fourteen

Pin the finished spirals to the Tuffet for placement. Hot glue the spirals to complete your Tuffet. (Note: fabric glue can be used in place of hot glue). Repeat steps 6 through 13 for your second Tuffet.

Pin Spirals

Finished Tuffet