Last Minute Easter Crafts Everyone Will Love

bunny banner

Spring is packed with so many things to look forward to: great weather, gardening, and family gatherings for holidays! With all the fun going in, it can be challenging to squeeze in time to craft and sew. These quick projects will help scratch that creative itch and allow you to create cute decor and gifts in no time at all. Which of these last minute Easter crafts will you dive into first?


embroidered easter eggs

Embroidered Easter Eggs

These cute fabric eggs would make a great group project if you are planning to have a crowd over for Easter. It’s also something you can work on while watching TV or relaxing. They are so quick to make that you’ll have a dozen completed in no time, ready to use for decorating a table or Easter tree. Poly-Fil® Ultra Plush Fiber Fill is at the heart of this sweet little project.

bunny banner

Easter Bunny Banner

This no sew project (use fabric glue or hot glue) is a speedy way to make an adorable banner to decorate your home with for Easter. Use any scrap fabric on hand with the template to cut out cute bunnies that are fluffed out with a bit of Fiber Fill. If you want the bunnies to stay flat, cut them out of felt or paper and use a tuft of Fiber Fill to make the cute little cottontail.

bunny gnomes

Sock Bunny Gnomes

These sock bunny gnomes are adorable and don’t take long to make! The bunnies are perfect for Easter, and the gnome aspect makes this decor something that can be enjoyed all spring long! Poly Pellets® give these cute sock bunny gnomes just the right amount of weight to keep them from tipping over.


crochet carrot

Crocheted Carrots

Little ones will be delighted with this adorable plush carrot that they can play with long after Easter is over. It’s a great stash buster, giving you the chance to use up any orange and green scraps of yarn you have around. A few pinches of Poly-Fil Fiber Fill will give this cute carrot a soft, squishy core.

simple bunny rabbits

Simple Bunny Rabbits

This quick project is another great scrap buster! Quick Craft Poly Pellets® Weighted Stuffing Beads are the perfect size for cute little crafts like this one. Make a bunch of bunnies to fill baskets with, or use them as part of DIY cornhole or other fun games during your Easter festivities!

bunny plush DIY last minute Easter crafts

Felt Bunny Plush

These itty bitty felt bunny plushies are just the right size for filling Easter eggs with! Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a sweet little handmade rabbit plush? The small size makes these gifts easy to whip up. The tutorial includes a free pattern and complete instructions.

Last Minute Easter Crafts Baskets

peeps marshmallow basket

Peeps Marshmallow Basket

Forgot to buy a basket? No problem! Quickly make your own DIY basket using Peeps or other candy boxes! Attach them to make a cute, colorful basket that kids will enjoy receiving and taking apart! Instead of plastic grass, tuck in some Fiber FIll to create a soft, cloud-like cushion for candy and treats.

tulle last minute Easter crafts basket

Tulle Princess Easter Basket

Give a dollar store basket a luxe makeover with tulle! You can find all the supplies you need at the dollar store to create a basket that any princess will love. With all the variety of colors to choose from you’ll be able to create a rainbow of unique baskets.

carryall tote DIY

Carryall Tote Basket

Instead of a basket they won’t use, treat teens and young adults to a handmade tote basket filled with goodies. This project uses Stiffen and Structure interfacings to give the tote bag structure and style. The best part is that the recipient will enjoy this “basket” long after Easter has passed!  

We can’t wait for you to give one or more of these last minute Easter crafts a try! For more quick projects, sewing tips and crafty tricks, be sure to follow us on Instagram! You’ll be the first to know about contests, deals, and promotions when you follow us on social media.

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