Embroidered Easter Eggs

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These sweet white and chocolate Embroidered Easter Eggs look yummy enough to pick up and take a bite. They are meant to do just that, look good enough to eat all while providing Easter decor year after year. Test out your favorite embroidery stitches and see what combinations you can come up with to make them all your own. Bamboo felt works perfectly and stuffing them with Poly-fil® makes them so easy.

What you need to make this project

Bamboo felt - chocolate, vanilla, soft & bright pink, spring green
Poly-Fil Supreme® Ultra Plush Fiber Fill
Embroidery Floss - matching colors to felt
1/4 inch wide ribbon - 5 inch piece for each egg

Download Pattern

Sizzix® die cutting machine and assorted flower dies
Embroidery needles
Ruler or Measuring Tape
Sewing pins

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Step One

Using the pattern provided, cut out two pieces of felt for each Embroidered Easter Egg you would like to create.

Step Two

Use the Sizzix® die cut machine and dies of your choice to cut out flowers, leaves and other trim. An alternative to using a die cut machine and dies is to free hand cut flower petals or look for images suitable on the internet and create your own patterns.

Step Three

Pin the leaves/flowers and trim to the front of one of the pieces of felt cut earlier. Using a needle and a length of embroidery floss, attach the felt pieces to the egg front with the embroidery stitches of your choice.

Step Four

Once the embroidery is complete; layer the second piece of felt on the back of the embroidered piece and pin the two layers together. Using the needle and embroidery floss; blanket stitch around the outside edge of the egg shape, starting at the bottom edge and working towards the center top. Before stitching the top closed, fold the ribbon in half and insert between the layers of felt. Continue stitching until only a 1 inch space remains. Fill the egg shape with fibre fill until it is stuffed to your liking. Finish stitching the egg shape closed.