Kid’s Holiday Crafts from Around the World

kid's holiday crafts

Welcome to a festive journey around the world, where holiday spirit knows no bounds! As the air fills with laughter, joy, and the promise of celebrations, let’s embark on a delightful exploration of diverse traditions and treasured holiday crafts. These kid-friendly craft projects offer a glimpse into the unique creativity and time-honored customs cherished by families worldwide. Join us as we uncover the magic of family-friendly holiday crafts from various corners of the globe with this collection of kid’s holiday crafts from around the world.

kid's holiday crafts penguin slide

Snowy Penguin Slide

Let kids get in on the decorating fun with this cute, crafty idea! Turn your home into a winter scene from the South Pole. Use LED lights and Poly-Fil fiber fill to create an adorable snowy penguin slide! Kids can collect stuffed animals or make their own sock penguins with Poly Pellets.

christmas critters kid's holiday crafts

Christmas Critters

Make adorable treat buckets to use as favors or ornaments! Use Oly-Fun fabric, a special non fraying textile that you can cut, glue, and color on, to make these cute Christmas critters. This project is one of the kid’s holiday crafts that is great for groups to make.

sock snowman DIY

No Sew Sock Snowman

Who needs snow when socks make a quirky, cozy snowman alternative! This “No Snow Sock Snowman” project is a creative and fun way to make a snowman using socks instead of snow. With this project, you can create an adorable snowman-inspired decoration regardless of the weather outside! Simply substitute Poly-Fil fiber fill for snow!

felt menorah craft

Felt Menorah Toy

This fun and educational craft activity allow kids to create their own felt menorah while learning about the significance of Hanukkah. Using simple materials and easy-to-follow steps, this project offers a hands-on way to engage children in the celebration of the Festival of Lights.

kwanzaa craft for kids

Kwanzaa Paper Plate Kinara Craft

This engaging and simple craft project is a wonderful way for children to learn about the principles of Kwanzaa while creating their own symbolic representation, the Kinara. Using basic materials like paper plates and colorful craft supplies, this activity offers a hands-on approach to explore and celebrate the rich traditions of Kwanzaa. Oly-Fun fabric is available in a variety of colors, and the craft pack is perfect for kid’s holiday crafts like this one!

la befana doll

DIY La Befana Doll

Get ready to celebrate Italian folklore with this DIY La Befana Doll Project! La Befana is a beloved character in Italian tradition, known as the kind-hearted witch who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve. In this craft, you’ll create your own La Befana doll using simple materials (like Poly-Fil fiber fill) and easy-to-follow steps.

st lucia crown craft

St. Lucia Crown

Celebrated in Scandinavian cultures, St. Lucia’s Day honors the light and warmth during the dark winter season. This craft project will guide children in creating their own beautiful St. Lucia crown, adorned with glowing “candles”, symbolizing hope and brightness. You can help keep the candles on the DIY holiday project standing by inserting Structure Fusible Interfacing.

three kings craft

Three Kings Day Dress Up Craft

Let’s journey into the vibrant celebration of Three Kings’ Day with our Dress-Up Craft! This project offers an exciting opportunity for children to create their own royal costumes inspired by the Three Wise Men or Magi. With simple materials and imaginative designs, kids can craft majestic robes, crowns, and accessories, embracing the spirit of this culturally rich holiday. We even have an easy to follow beard tutorial that is perfect for this activity!

st nicholas day craft

St. Nicholas Day Craft

Celebrated in various cultures, St. Nicholas Day honors the legendary figure known for his kindness and gift-giving. In this craft project, kids can explore the spirit of generosity by creating a delightful craft inspired by St. Nicholas himself!

dreidel banner craft

Dreidel Banner

The dreidel, a traditional Hanukkah toy, holds a special place in the celebration of the Festival of Lights. In this craft, kids will make a colorful and decorative banner featuring dreidels, adding a joyful touch to your Hanukkah decorations. Sturdy and easy to cut Oly-Fun fabric is perfect for this DIY holiday project!

easy angel ornament

Easy Angel Ornament

This simple and delightful project is perfect for creating sweet angelic ornaments to adorn a tree or give as heartfelt handmade gifts. With just a few basic materials and straightforward steps, kids can craft adorable angels that sparkle and shine, spreading joy and heavenly vibes throughout the holiday season. Instead of coffee filters you can use remnant pieces of Poly-Fil batting to create fluffy, cloud like angel wings!

plush candy jar project

Plush Candy Containers for Christmas DIY

Who doesn’t love to receive treats? Deliver handmade goodies or loads of candy to friends and neighbors with these adorable plush candy jars. Make soft, squishy characters to make your gift jars extra special. Show how much you care with these handmade gifts made with Fairfield World’s Poly-Fil fiber fill at the heart of your project. These plush toppers are simple enough that kids can make them!

crochet christmas elf DIY

Crocheted Christmas Elf

Kids, tweens and teens who know how to crochet will have fun making this adorable holiday DIY project! Crochet a chubby little elf for Christmas. Complete with a hat, striped shirt, and button overalls. He even has pointy little ears! A weighted base made with Poly Pellets helps it stand up. This elf from the North Pole will make an adorable addition to your Christmas decor.

christmas-gnomes kid's holiday crafts

Christmas Gnome Decor

Use Oly-Fun fabric to create cute no-sew home decor for the holidays! Gnomes, known for their whimsical charm, are popular figures in Christmas folklore. In this fun and easy craft project, children will create their own adorable gnomes using simple materials and step-by-step instructions.

chanukah wall hanging craft

Chanukah Wall Hanging Craft

In this craft project, kids will create a beautiful and meaningful wall hanging to commemorate the Festival of Lights. Using various colorful materials and symbols associated with Hanukkah, children can craft a decorative piece that can adorn your home, adding warmth and cheer to your celebrations.

sock angel DIY kid's holiday crafts

Sock Angel Craft

Angels symbolize peace and joy during the holiday season, and in this creative project, children will craft their very own charming angels using socks and a few basic materials, like Poly Pellets. This simple yet delightful craft is perfect for kids, offering a fun way to create unique decorations or thoughtful gifts.

waterless snow globe craft kid's holiday crafts

Waterless Snow Globes

Snow globes are enchanting decorations, and in this creative project, children can craft their own magical snow globes without water. Using simple materials (such as Poly-Fil Micro Beads Filler) and their imagination, kids will create winter wonderlands inside jars, filled with sparkling snow and festive figurines. This mess-free craft is a perfect way to add a touch of holiday magic to your home.

santa binoculars craft

Santa Binoculars

Keep kids busy on Christmas Eve by creating something they can use to keep an eye out for Santa with! This simple project is perfect for younger children to make. Oly-Fun fabric is a durable alternative to paper, so kids can handle their Santa binoculars without damaging them.

gingerbread house ornament

Plush Gingerbread House Ornaments

No sewing machine needed for this kid friendly fabric project! Get ready to add a sprinkle of sweetness to your holiday decorations with this fabric gingerbread house ornament craft! Gingerbread houses are iconic symbols of the holiday season, so why not create adorable and lasting ornaments using fabric? Children and adults alike will enjoy this creative craft made with felt and Poly-Fil fiber fill.

fabric cookies

Fabric Sugar Cookies

Let’s whip up some festive fun with more kid’s holiday crafts! Sugar cookies are a classic treat during the holidays, and this tutorial shows how to create adorable fabric versions that look good enough to eat. These delightful fabric creations can be used as ornaments, as decor, or even become part of a handmade garland.

kid's holiday crafts felt bulbs

Felt Christmas Bulb Garland

Christmas bulbs are iconic decorations during the holiday season and they have never looked so cute! Create charming felt Christmas bulbs that will bring a cozy and festive touch to your home. Use soft felt, colorful threads, and Poly-Fil fiber fill to craft unique and colorful Christmas bulbs that can be used as ornaments or in a garland.

kid's holiday crafts

We have reached the end of our journey exploring kid’s holiday crafts from around the world. These delightful crafts not only bring joy and creativity to the holiday season but also serve as a bridge, connecting us to traditions and customs celebrated across different cultures. May these crafts continue to spark imagination, foster togetherness, and serve as a reminder that despite our differences, the spirit of celebration unites us all!

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