Christmas Gnome Decor

Categories: Decor, Kid Friendly, Doll

Use Oly-Fun fabric to create cute no-sew home decor for the holidays!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Pack Cherry Pop
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Clover
Poly-Fil Fiber
Styrofoam Cones
Craft Wire
Glue Gun
Decorative Trim
Pom poms

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Step One

Cut a piece of Oly-Fun that is 11 inches long by 5 inches wide. Fold it in half and cut at an angle as pictured.

christmas gnome step 1

Step Two

Glue the edges of the fabric together to make a cone.

Cut a 12 inch piece of craft wire. Curl the end into a circle, and insert the straight end into the point of the styrofoam cone.

Slide the hat over the wire, and glue it to the cone.

christmas gnome step 2

Step Three

Wrap the rest of the cone with Oly-Fun. Hot glue the fabric onto the cone, and trim off the excess fabric.

Glue a tuft of Poly-Fil under the hat to make a beard for the figure.

christmas gnomes step 3

Step Four

Embellish the piece with pom poms, decorative trim, and buttons. Hot glue the embellishments into place.

christmas gnomes