Crafting Success: DIY Graduation Decor for Celebrations

DIY Graduation Decor

Graduating is a monumental achievement, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. What better way to commemorate this milestone than by adding personal touches to your graduation celebration? In this blog post we’ll explore creative and budget-friendly DIY graduation decor ideas to make your graduation party truly unforgettable.

Personalized Photo Banner

DIY Graduation Decor personalized photo banner

Capture the years of their academic journey by creating a personalized photo banner! Gather memorable snapshots from the graduate’s school years and create a photo banner, like Bees Knees Creates did with this beautiful banner DIY. To make the banner more durable, use Oly*Fun Fabric instead of paper as the backing. Hang this banner across a wall or above the entrance to your party venue to showcase the graduate’s growth and accomplishments.

Graduation Cap Centerpieces

DIY Graduation Decor centerpieces

Create eye-catching centerpieces for your party tables using graduation caps! Gina Tepper has a free template along with an easy to follow tutorial for you to try. The great thing about making it yourself is that you can personalize this DIY graduation decor with the graduate’s school mascot and colors. This is another project that Oly*Fun Fabric would be perfect for, as it comes it lot’s of colors and is easy to cut and glue. Another option is to use Stiffen Fusible Interfacing with felt or fabric to give the textile a rigid backing that won’t drop or sag.

Giant Diploma Scroll Decor

diploma scroll decor

Set the tone for your graduation celebration with giant diploma scroll decor. Roll up Snow White Oly*Fun Fabric and tie the scroll with ribbon to mimic the look of traditional diplomas. Customize the design to match your school colors or graduation theme, and set them on tables to create fun, unique graduation party decor.

Cap and Diploma Party Favors

cap and diploma DIY favors

After you’re done making the giant diploma scroll and graduation cap centerpieces with Oly*Fun Fabric, make smaller versions to use as party favors. The tiny diplomas hide a small tube that you can fill with little treats, and the caps are dressed up bubble bottles! These cute favors double as party decor, too! Use them to decorate the table that holds the guest book, and encourage guests to stop by on their way out.

Graduation Yard Sign

DIY Graduation yard sign

Let guests know they have arrived at the right place with this beautiful and easy to make yard sign. Use both regular and metallic Oly*Fun fabric to make this garden sign really pop! It’s a great way to celebrate the graduate both on party day and throughout the month.

Graduation Cap Garland

graduation garland DIY

Add a festive flair to your party space with a DIY graduation cap garland. Cut out miniature graduation caps from Oly*Fun Fabric and string them together using ribbon or twine. Hang the garland along walls, doorways, or across the mantel to create a whimsical atmosphere that celebrates the grad’s achievement.

Guest Book Idea

guest book idea to DIY

Create a meaningful keepsake by setting up this unique DIY guestbook at your graduation party. Encourage guests to write down their name or words of wisdom on a block. After the party, the graduate will enjoy reading through the messages on the blocks. The grad can take the game with them to their next venture (dorm or new home), or use the blocks to craft a DIY project (like a frame or pen holder).

Crochet Graduation Snow Globe

DIY Graduation Decor crochet

This adorable crochet project would be perfect for decorating the gift table or guest tables at your graduation event. Packed with Poly-Fil Fiber Fill, this adorable little grad plush makes a great keepsake for the guest of honor. If you’re quick or have a team of helpers you could make several to decorate all the party tables with!

DIY Graduation Decor for your party

By incorporating these DIY graduation decor ideas into your party planning, you can create a memorable and personalized experience that reflects your unique journey. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with family or a larger party with friends, these creative touches will add an extra layer of joy and excitement to your special day. Congratulations to the graduate!

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DIY Graduation gift ideas


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