Adorable Decor DIY: Make a Cow Tuffet!

Howdy friends! It’s rodeo season, which inspired me to make a farm themed home decor project. Cows make the cutest decor, don’t you think? I used one of Fairfield World’s Cushion Foam Tuffet Kits to make this adorable project in an afternoon. Here’s how you can make your own cow tuffet!

Adorable Decor DIY: Make a Cow Tuffet!

Cow Tuffet Project Supplies

This brief video shows you how easy it is to use Fairfield World’s Cushion Foam Tuffet kit to make your own moo-velous barn animal tuffet!


Step one: Paint four wood blocks black. Add felt pads to the bottom of each block and then use the wood glue to adhere the blocks to the tuffet base.

Step two: Glue the tuffet cushion foam onto the wood base.

Step three: Cover the foam with the batting that is included in the kit. Staple the batting onto the wood tuffet base and then cut off the excess.

Step four: Cut the fur fabric into a 19 inch circle. Then Cut a piece that is 62″ long by 12″ wide. Place the fabric right side down on the tuffet and pin together. Remove from the tuffet and sew the pieces along the pinned edges. Flip inside out and slide onto the tuffet foam.

Step five: Cut the cow nose pieces from wood. Use the upholstery needle to sew the back of the nose piece onto the fur fabric. Then glue the front pieces on top.

Step six: Cut 6 inch long triangles from the Kunin felt fabric. Sew to make horns. Use the upholstery needle to add the horns to the fur fabric.

cow tuffet DIY

Finally, add a cute floral garland to the front of this sweet cow tuffet! It’s all done so you can kick back, put up your feet and relax! Have fun crafting and creating with Fairfield World!

make a cow tuffet

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