Whimsical Cloud Lamp: Out of This World Decor!

cloud lamp tutorial with Poly-Fil

These whimsical cloud lamp DIY projects make out of this world night lights! The soft glow of light through the pillowy Poly-Fil cloud is soothing and relaxing. By merging simple materials like Poly-Fil Fiber Fill and LED lights  you can fashion a cloud-like structure that emanates an otherworldly glow! This project’s flexibility allows for personalization—whether through color choice, size variation, or added embellishments—making each space light a unique addition to any room. Here’s what you need to make your own whimsical cloud lamp!

UFO Space Cloud Lamp Supplies

This short video show you how easy it is to make this DIY UFO night light!

ufo night light DIY

Astronaut Cloud Light Supplies

The video shows exactly how to make your own cloud floating astronaut night light lamp.

Whimsical Cloud Lamp: Out of This World Decor!

Here’s a summary of the basic steps for crafting your own whimsical cloud lamp:

  1. Assemble the base of the lamp. Glue the pieces together and ensure it is a sturdy base for the project.
  2. Hot glue the Poly-Fil onto the base, shaping as you go along.
  3. Add the lights to the light, then cover with more fiber fill.
  4. Color the Poly-Fil (optional) by using spray on temporary hair color.

Creating a space cloud lamp is an incredibly rewarding DIY project that combines creativity with a touch of celestial wonder. I hope my tutorial videos will help inspire you to make your own! Look around for supplies you can use to make your own cloud light lamps, and combine them with Poly-Fil to create beautiful, glowing orbs of light!

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