Amazing Cloud Projects to DIY

cloud DIY project tutorials

Everyone loves clouds, from babies to seniors. Maybe big, fluffy clouds are universally appealing because they make us feel like we are in a dream. Whatever the reason, cloud decor has been popular for decades and is still going strong. Fairfield World recently teamed up with LED Cloud Light to offer our followers a chance to win a handmade light cloud. If you missed out on that opportunity you still have a chance to make your own incredible light cloud! Here are a few amazing cloud projects for you to DIY using POLY-FIL® Fiber Fill.

Poly-fil Cloud lanter

Cloud Lanterns

Cloud lanterns are easy to make and you only need three items for this project! These glowing lights are great for baby showers and party decor, but you can also use them for home decor. These would make soothing night lights, too.

photo backdrop clouds

Cloud Photo Backdrop

Poly-Fil® Fiber Fill is perfect for creating heavenly cloud photo backdrops! Maddy at Mad Crayy looks like she is on cloud 9 in this dreamy photo. She shares a supply list and instructions so you can recreate this fun cloud photo backdrop DIY.

centerpiece with Poly-FIl

Cloud Centerpiece

Create fanciful baby shower or party decor with Poly-Fil and this amazing cloud project DIY! This is a quick project that makes a big impact. Your guests will love this unique and creative centerpiece.

Giant Cloud Numbers Tutorial

Light up marquee letters are all the rage for parties and photo shoots. This twist on the idea uses Poly-Fil instead of balloons to create big, bold cloud numbers that light up to create the perfect photo opp for any event.

cloud wall DIY

Cloud Wall with LED Lights

Transform any space by creating a wall of clouds! This project uses multi-colored LED lights that will create a variety of effects at the click of a button.


Sped up installation of a Cloud Ceiling using Poly-fil!!! poly-fil #cloudceiling #diy #spedup #satisfying #crafts #art #pillowmaking

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Cloud Ceiling with Lights

Bring the outdoors inside with an incredible DIY cloud ceiling. This project is great for a game room or teen’s bedroom.

amazing cloud projects sculpture idea


Artist Dietrich Wegner uses Poly-Fil Fiber Fill to create incredible sculptures that juxtapose contradictions against each other. In this piece, called “Playground”, the artist contrasts something playful with something terrifying. While this isn’t a DIY tutorial, check out the description of his piece to be inspired. Maybe his work will move you to create your own cloud art!

Tornado Costume

Not all clouds are light and fluffy! Sometimes they are dark and ominous. Combine Poly-Fil light with Poly-Fil Dark to make broody clouds, like this tornado costume.

lamp shade with poly-fil amazing cloud projects

Cloud Lamp Shade

This high end lamp shade would be easy to replicate! Start out with a current or thrifted floor lamp, then add Poly-Fil Fiber Fill! Skip the high price tag and DIY your own amazing cloud project for far less.

cloud costume

Rain Cloud Costume

Clouds make the cutest costumes, as this adorable DIY project proves! This idea is great for Halloween or for school plays. Your little one will stand out with this unique costume idea.

amazing cloud projects

Astronaut Cloud Light

Use this popular selling item as inspiration for your next DIY! One option is to follow this tutorial using a recycled milk carton as a base, then glue a cute astronaut or alien figurine on top to finish off the cloud light project. I would love to have one of these on my desk!

amazing cloud projects

A little bit of Poly-Fil Fiber Fill goes a long way, so you will probably have some left over. Create instant fun by making trampoline clouds. This project isn’t just for kids…all ages will enjoy it! Have fun crafting and creating amazing cloud projects for yourself and your loved ones!

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