Super Hero Hooded Towels with Oly*Fun



My son is 3 and he’s totally obsessed with Super Hero’s.  I decided to make him some fun super hero hooded towels and as I began the project I realized the perfect material to use to cut out the logos was Oly*fun.  Oly*fun doesn’t fray and is water resistant, when I cut it out with my Cricut explore machine it cut just as perfect as paper! Sewing it on to the towel was easier than I thought and I love how the finished towels look, and more importantly my little super hero loves them too.


To create the super hero logos I did an image search for the super hero I wanted to create and saved the image to my computer.  The Cricut explore has a great function where you upload an image and it turns it into a cut file, so simple! If you don’t have a cutting machine you can take the image you want to use and print it out on regular paper then cut it out to use as a stencil.


Cutting Oly*Fun is so nice because it doesn’t fray at all and cuts so easily, my Cricut cut through it without any trouble at all!


After cutting out the shapes you want to use lay them out on your fabric,  because I was making hooded towels I put them in the center back. To do a 2 color image like I did you want to cut out 2 shapes and then layer them on top of each other. It would be the same steps if you were making a cape or tshirt. I used some fabric tape to hold the Oly*fun in place and pinned it to the towel.


I stitched the logos to the towels using the overlock stitch on my sewing machine, you could just as easily use a strait stitch.  I actually think if I were to do the project over again I might just use a strait stitch because it would be cleaner.



If you have a little super hero at home I know they would love anything with a superhero logo on it! These towels totally solved a problem at our house- this little guy is no longer upset to get out of the bath! He loves jumping out and running around like Superman or Batman with his new towel!


Superman-Logo-on-TowelI hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoy sewing, cooking, baking, crafting and all things handmade- you can see more from me at my blog Handmade in the Heartland


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