Stuffed Taggie Toy


At some point moms realized that babies loved the tags on their stuffed toys more than the actual toy itself, something about that little piece of silky fabric made those little hands gravitate toward it.  A couple years ago when I had my first baby a friend gave me a little square fabric “taggie” that had pieces of ribbon all the way around it for baby to play with.  Basically this little toy is an evolution of that, this stuffed taggie toy is sure to be a favorite of any baby who receives one and of course also the mother who needs to entertain said baby. I’m planning on whipping up quite a few for baby gifts to have on hand, it seems like I always have a friend having a baby!


This simple sewing project is fun to make and should only take you an hour or less. Here is your supply list:

1 8oz bag of Soft Touch Polyfil Supreme Fiberfill, you will not use the entire bag

Assortment of 3″ ribbons- I used 24, but only 12 ribbons so 2 of each.

1/4 yard of fabric- you can use up to 4 different prints or 1 solid color, it is up to you!

compass, like THIS one

Print the pattern out from HERE on to normal paper and cut it out.

Once you have your pattern printed you will cut out 4 pieces, 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom.  I used 3 different prints but you can do any combination of fabrics that you want. Next cut all your ribbons to 3″ and line them up in the order that you want to pin them on to the fabric.



Take your two half circles for the top and place the right sides together so they are laying exactly on top of each other.  Sew only 1 flat side together, you will want the other side to stay open to be able to pull the entire thing right side out when the sewing is finished. After you’ve sewn one side open it up and iron the seam open flat.  See the top picture above.  Do the same to the other 2 half circle pieces.

Take one of the circles and place it right side up, you are going to pin the ribbons in loops to the circle.  You want the ribbon ends to be at the raw edge of the fabric and the loop to be toward the center of the circle.  See photo above. After pinning each ribbon sew them down at 1/4″ seam allowance.

Next lay your second circle on top of the circle with the ribbons, right sides together.  Pin all the way around and sew at 3/8″ seam allowance. See photos below.




Now your ready to turn it right side out.  You now have a long curved tube with both ends open so just gently reach into the open end and pull the right side out. Next you want to try and sew with the machine some of the open ends together.  It is a small opening so you may only be able to close it with the machine and inch or so.  A good place to start is to match up the side seams and then sew from there, make sure you have right sides together.

After that you will want to stuff your tube with Poly-fil, I like my toys to be pretty full so I just keep stuffing until I like the feel of the toy.  Once its stuffed you will need to hand sew the rest of the opening, you can see my opening in the photo above. After that little bit of hand sewing, Voila! You’re done!


Like I said you’re going to have so much fun making these for gifts or maybe your own baby! I think this project proves that I’m a total craft hoarder because I didn’t have to go to the craft store for anything for this project! Everything was already in my craft closet, waiting to be used.  Shhhh… don’t tell my husband but I think I’m a craft hoarder. 😉


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