Stuffed Fabric Ornaments

stuffed fabric oraments


If you are looking for some super easy ornaments to create using fabric scrap, these stuffed fabric ornaments fit the bill. They are quick and very inexpensive to make using Crafter’s Choice Poly-fil.

Materials for Stuffed Fabric Ornaments 

  • Inkjet Cotton Sheets
  • Fabric scraps- choice of prints, muslin scraps
  • Crafter’s Choice Poly-fil
  • Stick Fusible Webbing
  • Tiny alphabet stamps, black pigment ink
  • 3/8 ribbon
  • Embellishments of choice
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Scissors
  • Computer, scanner, printer
  • fabric marking pen

stuffed fabric ornaments


Since I had trouble finding plain white fabric with black text in Times New Roman font, I created my own using a scanner, printer and inkjet sheets. The sheets are paper backed so they go through an inkjet printer with ease. I traced circles on them and cut them out. You will need two circles for each ornament you make. Next. fuse the muslin and printed fabric scrap to the fusible webbing. Cut a smaller sized circle from the fused printed fabric and a 1 1/2″ square from the muslin. Use the alphabets stamps and ink to stamp a cute sentiment onto the muslin. Later the fabrics together and fuse. This will also heat set the ink.



Use the sewing machine a contrasting thread to sew the edges of the muslin. For an extra scrappy look, leave some of the threads dangling.

stuffed fabric ornaments 5

Cut a 10″ piece of ribbon or cord and double it over. Pin it to the wrong side of the fuse fabric circle at the top. This will be the hanger. Place the ornament front and back together and sew the edges closed, leaving a 1″ opening for stuffing.

stuffed fabric ornaments 6


Now, lightly stuff the ornament and sew the opening closed.
stuffed fabric ornaments

Embellish with ribbon, some holly berry sprigs and a bit of sparkle.

stuffed fabric ornaments 2

These would also make fantastic gifts for teachers, co-workers, neighbors or your favorite hostess.

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