Spider Web Door Decor with Oly*Fun

tape webs to door

Spider Web Door Decor

Decorating for Halloween means putting up all the creepy, spooky, and crawly critters you can… including spider webs! When I decided to decorate the door for Halloween with spider webs, I knew that making my spider webs with Oly*fun would be absolutely perfect!

Spider Web Door Decor

To make the Spider Web Door Decor you only need 4 things:

  • White Oly*fun
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper clips (optional but makes things easier!)

supplies for oly fun spider webs

Start by cutting a square from the Oly*fun. Fold one corner up into a triangle, and cut across.fold into triangle

Fold the triangle into a smaller triangle.

fold into smaller triangle

Then fold the triangle into thirds.

fold into thirds

Use paper clips to hold the layers into place. Cut off the end, then cut notches into the triangle, all on one side, making sure not to cut through all the layers.

cut out slices

Open up the finished spider web!

open up spider web

I also made spider webs for the corners. These start out the same way, with a square cut from the Oly*fun.

fold into half

Fold it in half into a skinnier triangle.

fold quarter in thirds

Hold the layers in place with a paper clip, and cut the notches and the end. Open up your spider web!

open up quarter spider web

Tape your spider webs to the door for a spooky display!

tape webs to door

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