Saving the planet – One craft project at a time!

Flea Market Flipping with Fairfield

Trash to treasure, up-cycling, dumpster divine, flea market fabulous…whatever you call it, it is the creative mind at work. These creative recycling efforts help to keep items out of the waste stream, which in turn helps to save our Earth…one project at a time.

We love to hear stories of people who take old things and make them new again. From quilts that pull together family memories by means of a scrap of an old dress, suit jacket or christening gown, turning grandpa’s old shirt into beautiful pillows, or adding a cushion and pillows to an old picnic bench and turn it into some lovely extra seating, these are all examples of how our customers incorporate Poly-fil® products into their crafty recycling efforts.

Did you know that there is more to the story than just saving those old memories and salvaging those flea market finds? Your investment in Poly-fil® brand products is helping to save the earth. This is because the majority of Fairfield’s fiber related products are made from recycled single-use PET water bottles.

Poly-fil keeps waterbottles out of the waste streamIn just one year, our U.S. based production facilities are able to save over 300,000,000 ½ liter plastic water bottles from entering the waste stream. Laying those bottles end-to-end would form a line that would be long enough to go completely around the world…and then some.

In addition to incorporating recycled PET into our polyester fiber, Fairfield’s unique manufacturing process employs high-compression for shipping container optimization which enables us to use approximately 40% less corrugated than our competitors.

Fairfield’s commitment to compression also helps to reduce the size of our packages, which means fewer trucks on the highways bringing our products to consumers. Over the past few years our sales of compressible items translated into saving over 5,000 40-foot tall trees each year.

We are proud of our line of products. We are also proud of our commitment to provide customers with products that they can feel good about using.

This Earth Day many people will be making crafts and sewing. Many do this for stress relief, recreation and relaxation others are creating items for those in need. We want to thank all of you!

If you are working on any Earth Day projects, please share them with us in the comments section below.
Take some time to safely enjoy the beauty of our planet on this Earth Day.

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