Kids Art Apron with Oly-Fun

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Sometimes kids art projects can get messy. These kids’s art aprons made with Oly-Fun are the perfect solution. I used two colors for each apron, one main color and one for the ties and pocket. My girls chose the colors for their aprons so one was Bubble Gum with Sea Green accents and the other was Jelly with Lemon Drop for the accent color. The sample that I used for the pictures was made with Sky Blue and Lemon Drop. I made a child size that should fit elementary age kids and a smaller one for toddlers. They are really easy to make and work up in no time. Because the Oly-Fun doesn’t fray I didn’t hem the edges or anything. It really is a super quick project. My kids couldn’t wait to start painting in their new art aprons.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Sky Blue
Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Lemon Drop
Coordinating Thread
Rotary Cutter, Mat and Ruler

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  • art apron main piece

Step One

Begin by cutting a rectangle from your main color. This will be the main part of your apron. In the pictures I am making a toddler size.

For a toddler size apron cut a rectangle 16 inches x 22 inches

For a child size apron cut a rectangle 20 inches x 25 inches

  • art apron ties
  • art apron pocket cut out

Step Two

With your contrasting color you will cut a long strip for the binding/ties and a small rectangle for the pocket.

For toddler size cut one 2 inch x 72 inch strip and one 5 inch x 8 inch rectangle

For child size cut one 2 inch x 80 inch strip and one 6 inch x 10 inch rectangle

  • art apron top fold

Step Three

Along the top edge (one of the short sides) of your apron piece, fold down about 1 1/2 inches, folding toward the back. Finger press to crease. I did this just to give a more finished edge along the top.

  • kids art apron prep
  • art apron armhole top
  • apron armhole bottom

Step Four

Now fold your apron in half wrong sides together, keeping the top edge folded. You will now make a small mark at the top and side of you apron where the armhole will be.

For the toddler size measure 3 1/2 inches from the center fold along the top edge and make a small mark, measure along the outside edge 8 inches down from the top and make a small mark

For the child size measure 4 1/4 inches from the center fold along the top edge and make a small mark, measure along the outside edge 10 inches down from the top and make a small mark

  • art apron armhole

Step Five

Draw a curved line between the two marks to create your armhole. Be sure that the bottom of the armhole straightens out a little at the end so that the ties are at the right angle. Most of the curve will be towards the bottom, see the picture for an example of what it should look like.

  • art apron main piece cut

Step Six

Cut along the line you just drew. The top should still be folded down 1 1/2 inches and the apron should be folded in half so that when you cut along the line you will be cutting both armholes at once. When unfolded it should look like an apron.

  • art apron topstitching

Step Seven

Topstitch along the top edge where it is folded down. I used contrasting thread and a decorative stitch just for fun.

  • art apron pocket

Step Eight

Pin your pocket to front of your apron. Center it so that it is about even with the bottom of the armholes. Stitch along the sides and bottom of the pocket close to the outside edge. I did two rows of stitching to make it a little more sturdy. If you want you can stitch vertical lines to divide the pocket into two or three smaller pockets.

  • art apron binding

Step Nine

Now you need to make the binding for your apron. To do this take your long strip and fold it in half to create a skinnier strip. Finger press to crease it. Now fold the outside edges in to the center. It should look like bias tape. Pin it so that it stays folded.

  • art apron pin on binding

Step Ten

Now fold in half to find the center and measure 8 inches from the center for the toddler size or 9 1/2 inches from the center for the child size. Mark that measurement on each side with a pin. This is where the neck strap will be. Now pin from that point down on both armholes sandwiching the apron piece inside of the binding.

  • sewing on binding
  • kids art apron with oly fun

Step Eleven

Starting at the end of one of the ties sew close to the edge of the binding, continue up the armhole, around the neck, down the other armhole and tie.

  • painting

Step Twelve

Put on the finished apron and make some art.